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Headshot of Gary Kumfert

As president and founder, Dr. Kumfert brings over 20 years of technical excellence, innovative research, and leadership to the company. A serial entrepreneur for almost a decade, he has worked in mobile gaming, digital media, advertising, and internet of things where he co-authored a patent on connecting mobile phones to smart TVs.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Dr. Kumfert was a scientist and principal investigator for the US Department of Energy at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His innovative research in the areas of massively parallel algorithms, programming models for multi-scale physics, and software component technology contributed to advances in accelerator beam dynamics, cell biology, climatology, combustion, fusion, geo-magnetics, material science, and radio astronomy.  

Across his scientific career, Dr. Kumfert has published dozens of academic papers and led or co-led teams winning  research grants in the tens of millions of dollars. In 2005 his team won an R&D 100 award for its advances in high-speed component technology.  Dr. Kumfert holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Old Dominion University.