Got Zugzwang? – The Inspiration for Floating Four

Zugzwang is a great word for people who like games, particularly competitive strategy games. German for “compulsion to move”, a player in zugzwang is forced to make a move even there is no good move to make; no move at all would be a better alternative, but because of game rules they are compelled to do something.  The word appears in chess literature in the mid 1800’s and in English by 1905. There is a formal definition of this term from a branch of mathematics called combinatorial game theory, but the practical definition is what I will focus on here.  In this post, I will take other concepts from game theory and apply them in a practical way to analyze a classic game and make it better (more fun, more exciting, etc.).  In particular, I made Floating Four to address a zugzwang problem with its predecessor.  Continue reading “Got Zugzwang? – The Inspiration for Floating Four”