Technology is everywhere, and it’s cheap.

Developing the talent to use it holistically, be innovative, and improve lives — that’s the challenge.


Quiphon, LLC offers premium services in consulting, training, and enterprise software development for web, mobile, and digital media.


We’ve won awards for our R&D, we can for you too. We can lead technical design, feasibility studies, project management, proposal writing, and building multidisciplinary teams.


The best trainers are the ones who value their audience, communicate effectively, and have a wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience to draw on. Our trainers have years of experience teaching at universities, international conferences, and small workshops and get excellent reviews.


Our software has ran in everything from a $40 TV set-top boxes to supercomputers with over 500,000 processors, and everything in between. 



Quiphon, LLC is a privately owned software studio and consulting firm that is committed to excellence.  We are generally not accepting new clients, except through referral.


Headshot of Gary Kumfert

As president and founder, Dr. Kumfert brings over 20 years of technical excellence, innovative research, and leadership to the company. A serial entrepreneur for almost a decade, he has worked in mobile gaming, digital media, advertising, and internet of things where he co-authored a patent on connecting mobile phones to smart TVs.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Dr. Kumfert was a scientist and principal investigator for the US Department of Energy at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His innovative research in the areas of massively parallel algorithms, programming models for multi-scale physics, and software component technology contributed to advances in accelerator beam dynamics, cell biology, climatology, combustion, fusion, geo-magnetics, material science, and radio astronomy.  

Across his scientific career, Dr. Kumfert has published dozens of academic papers and led or co-led teams winning  research grants in the tens of millions of dollars. In 2005 his team won an R&D 100 award for its advances in high-speed component technology.  Dr. Kumfert holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Old Dominion University.

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